• Configuration


Once installed, the plugin can be configured via Plugins > Plugin Manager. Right click the Microphone Mix plugin in the list and select Configure...

Microphone input

1. Microphone input
The input device to select as the microphone. When the Push to Talk button is pressed on the Microphone Control on the main interface the selected microphone input will be open for playback (if a playback device is selected below) and sent to the PlayIt Live Main Mix output which can be seen by other plugins, such as the Internet Broadcast plugin.

Microphone playback

2. Microphone playback
The output device to playback the microphone audio. With low latency devices the audio should be heard immediately. With higher latency devices there may be a slight delay before the microphone playback is heard. This is technical limitation, but is expected for software processed microphone inputs. In this case it is recommended that 'No playback' be selected and audio monitored in the final output stream, for example.

Mute player playback on Talk

3. Mute player playback on Talk
When this checkbox is checked, the player playback will be muted when the Push to Talk button is pressed. This will prevent the audio from the players playing back into the microphone. If the operator is using headphones this should be left unchecked.

Duck player audio on Talk

4. Duck player audio on Talk
To reduce the volume of player audio when the Push to Talk button is pressed this checkbox should be checked. The fade time indicates the amount of time the audio takes to reach the fade level. The fade level is the volume level the player audio should be reduce to when the Push to Talk button is pressed.

Keyboard options

5. Keyboard options
The microphone can be controlled by using the keyboard. This is configurable using the built-in keyboard shortcuts in PlayIt Live, located at File > Settings > Keyboard > Microphone Mix - Toggle Microphone. There are two possible switch modes:
Latched - When the keyboard shortcut key is pressed, the microphone will become active. When the key is pressed again the microphone will deactivate again.
Momentary - While the keyboard shortcut key is held shown, the microphone will be active. When the key is released the microphone will deactivate.


6. Buttons
Click the Apply button to apply the changes. Click the Close button to close the configuration window and discard any changes.