Import Playout Log Window

Import Playout Log Window
You can use the Import Playout Log window to import logs from an external scheduler. Currently the import feature supports M3U format and SS32 (Scott Studios) format. When an import file is selected, PlayIt Live will attempt to automatically determine the format (from the extension) and the date range from the filename (in the format YYMMDD or YYMMDDHH).
The M3U Playlist format is simply a list of audio files in a text file. To separate the playlist file into hours, a # Hour: comment can be used indicate which hour the track file belongs in. An example of an M3U Playlist file supported by PlayIt Live is below:
# Hour: 00:00
G:\PlayIt User\Music\Jingles\Publicise Your Event ID.mp3
G:\PlayIt User\Music\Songs\Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom.mp3
G:\PlayIt User\Music\Songs\Fenech-Soler - All I Know.mp3
# Hour: 01:00
G:\PlayIt User\Music\Jingles\City Locations ID A.mp3
G:\PlayIt User\Music\Songs\Lianne La Havas - Is Your Love Big Enough.mp3
G:\PlayIt User\Music\Songs\Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound.mp3
G:\PlayIt User\Music\Jingles\Contact Studio On Text & Email ID.mp3
Special items, such as fixed time markers, can also be added via the M3U Playlist format. This can be done by adding a line as follows:
# Fixed Time Marker: Type=Hard; TargetTime=3m02s - Hard fixed time marker at 3 minutes 2 seconds past the hour
# Fixed Time Marker: Type=Soft; TargetTime=3m - Soft fixed time marker at 3 minutes past the hour
# Fixed Time Marker: Type=NotBefore; TargetTime=5s - Not Before fixed time marker at 5 seconds past the hour
# Break Note: Duration=1m1s; Notes="News on the hour" - Break note lasting 1 minute and 1 second with the notes News on the hour
# Voice Track Placeholder: Duration 1m - Voice track placeholder lasting 1 minute.
# URL: Duration=1m; Title="News"; URL="http://www.mywebsite.com/news.mp3"; Type=File - Example of a file URL
# URL: Duration=60m; Title="Simulcasted show"; URL="http://www.mywebsite.com/live"; Type=Live - Example of a live URL
# Aux Input: Duration=2m; Title="Sky News"; DeviceName="Microphone (USB Audio Codec)" - Aux input from the microphone device
The SS32 (Scott Studios) format is another format that can be exported by an external scheduler. Please contact support if you wish to learn more about this.
When a file is imported, the entire log for the date range will be cleared and replaced with the imported file. Click the Start Import button to import the file and review the updated log before applying the changes from Playout Log window. If there are any errors processing the imported log file, you will be prompted to view these when the import process has completed.

Import file

1. Import file
The file to import.


2. Format
The format of the file to be imported.

Base audio folder

3. Base audio folder
The base audio folder to be used by the importer. This is optional, and used with the SS32 format. The SS32 format can contain relative paths to files, so the base audio folder is used to create an absolute path to the file.

Date range

4. Date range
The date range to import into. Any existing log entries for the selected date range will be cleared and replaced with the imported log.

Start Import button

5. Start Import button
Click the Start Import button to start the importing process.

Cancel button

6. Cancel button
Click the Cancel button to close the window.