General Tab

General Tab

Settings section tabs

1. Settings section tabs
Settings are split across six tabs.


2. Theme
Change the appearance of the main interface of PlayIt Live. Choose between Dark (default) and Light themes.

Track listbox font size

3. Track listbox font size
Use the dropdown to select the font size of the Track List on the Main Window.

On-screen Clock Format

4. On-screen Clock Format
Use the dropdown to select the format for the onscreen clock or to disable it completely.

Fade time

5. Fade time
Use the dropdown to select the time it will take to fade out a track when the stop button is clicked on any of the players in PlayIt Live. This also applies when tracks are segued in Live-Assist mode.

Track editor audio device

6. Track editor audio device
This is the audio device (sound card) used for playback in the track editor (when adding or editing tracks). The track editor audio device is also used for the player in the Pre-Fade Listen window and the segue editor.

Silence analysis

7. Silence analysis
It is possible to analyse silence in tracks to determine the Cue In or Cue Out points. When the Analyse button is clicked on the Track Editor these settings are used to automatically set the Cue In and Out points. When a file is dragged and dropped from the file system onto a player these settings are also used. This helps achieve the best sounding gapless playback.

Decks player mode selection

8. Decks player mode selection
PlayIt Live offers two player modes. For information on using Decks Mode (Classic) see: Decks Mode (Classic)

Live-Assist mode selection

9. Live-Assist mode selection
PlayIt Live offers two player modes. For information on using Live-Assist Mode see: Live-Assist Mode

User login

10. User login
Tick this box to require users to log in to use PlayIt Live. Please ensure before you tick this box that you know correct usernames and passwords and how to log into the system. This is the same checkbox you can see under Manage > Users.

OK button

11. OK button
Click the OK button to save any changes you have made. If there are any errors that need correcting a popup box will be displayed.

Cancel button

12. Cancel button
Click the Cancel button to discard any changes you have made and return to the Main Window.